About ESA Family

One-in-five Americans suffer from mental or emotional disability every year, and only a small fraction will ever seek help. Even then, 50% of Americans who do seek counseling for mental health issues experience numerous hurdles that makes it either difficult or entirely impossible to get the needed care.
Emotional Support Animals can provide those in need with a tremendous amount of comfort and assistance and the health benefits of ESA’s are very well documented. Which is why ESA Family is providing ease and discreet online access to mental health services for people experiencing emotional or psychological disability.

How so? We are a company which employs licensed therapist to provide quick and confidential assessments. These licensed therapists are going to determine if you are in need of an emotional support animal. If so, they provide you with a letter that grants you the legal authority to own and care for an emotional support animal.

ESA family is an independent organization, that provides services for independent mental health professionals and ESA holders. The bridge between the patient and the licensed mental health professionals who can write them a recommendation for an emotional support animal because our goal at ESA Family is to improve the quality of life for the millions of Americans and make it easy to get the care you need, because we care for everyone.

ESAFamily.org is a professional management website that provides administrative services for independent mental health professionals. ESAFamily.org helps in connecting people to Mental Health Professionals in order to streamline the online Emotional Support Animal application process.

Please note that the ESA Family is not licensed to practice medicine or provide therapy or counseling services. We simply aid in connecting people with independent mental health professionals.

ESAFamily.org makes no representation or warranties whatsoever regarding the subject matter, results, communication or correspondence between you and the therapist.

Quickly and easily see if you qualify for an emotional support animal letter. We offer 100% free qulification test.