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In the fast-paced life of today, not everyone can keep up well with the stresses of everyday life. From family problems to work issues, everything seems to go on the downside at times and eventually results in anxiety and depression.

Each one of us can’t catch up with the fast speed of today’s advanced but thanks to the advancements, our modern problems have modern solutions too. Depression, anxiety, stress, and other similar mental health problems are now recognized as genuine issues and extensive researches are being done to cure these disorders.

No one loves to take plenty of pills and medication, and often these pills get us feeling even lower. But how about these odd-tasting pills are replaced by wagging tails and fluffy paws? This might sound crazy, but thanks to emotional support animals, it is possible to have a getaway from these medications.

What is ESA?


We all know how animals are an ultimate source of joy and are capable of lifting our moods in seconds. Service animals are a quite commonly known type that helps people with physical disorders and disabilities.

However, service animals need to be trained to perform the specific that they are being assigned with. This is not the case with emotional support animals as they are a natural mood lifter and do not need to be trained on providing emotional and mental support.

Emotional support animals are quite similar to the service animals, with the major difference being that emotional support animals provide us with emotional support, as the name suggests. Your ESA will work as the perfect partner at times when you are feeling low and gloomy.

The emotional support animal provides with constant support and comfort regardless of time and place. The greatest advantage of having an emotional support animal is that you can get them verified, and after that, you will be free to carry them around with you even while traveling.

To be able to carry your ESA around without any restrictions easily, you need to get an authentic ESA Letter.

What is an ESA letter?


An ESA letter is a prescription written by an authorized mental health professional or therapist that clearly states your mental health condition and need for an emotional support animal. It generally also includes the type, breed, weight and weight of your pet.

The letter will also contain the name of your emotional support animal, where it mentions that your animal is more like a therapy companion instead of a pet. The letter confirms that your emotional instability and how your emotional support animal plays a role in improving your condition. The letter can generally cover the following points:

  • How your emotional instability is affecting you in everyday life
  • That the emotional support animal is a part of your current recovery plan and is helping in improving your mental condition
  • You are currently the patient of the particular doctor or therapist under whose letterhead the emotional support animal letter has been written
  • The letter certifies your mental disability and shows that the same doctor is treating you

The importance of the ESA letter cannot be stressed enough. With the ESA letter in hand, you are eligible for taking advantage of some basic laws concerning your emotional support animal.

  • Fair Housing Act: Under this act, you are free to keep your animal in any residence without any restrictions. Even if it is a no-pet housing, under the act, it cannot limit the size or breed of your pet. You also will not have to pay any additional charges like pet rents while residing in your house.
  • Air Carrier Access Act: This act gives your pet the freedom to go with you when you are traveling by air, whether it is for business or a vacation. The airline will not ask you to pay any extra charges for the pet.
  • According to the federal laws, you can take your emotional support animal to work with you. The laws recognize your need for constant emotional support; therefore, with an ESA letter, your emotional support animal will be there to lift your mood even at work. The law also restricts any employers from creating discrimination for people suffering from a certain mental health condition.
  • Similar to work, a student is free to take its emotional support animal to his school, where the school would have to provide proper accommodation for the animal.

How can I get my Real ESA letter?

The basic method of getting an ESA letter is through your licensed health professional who is currently treating you. The licensed mental health professionals include psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurses, and other licensed therapists.

If you are not in therapy, then start by consulting a doctor. However, it is important to note that not all mental health professionals will be ready to provide you with an emotional support animal letter. There can be two major reasons for this:

  1. Although emotional support animals are now widely considered as a good cure for mental illnesses, there are still some doctors who argue with this. These doctors don’t believe that emotional support animals can help in recovery. Therefore, they are not willing to write an ESA letter.
  2. Another common issue is that some people try to take advantage of ESA letters to take their pets on flights, even when they are not suffering from any mental disorders. Due to many cases like this, doctors are hesitant to write down an ESA letter.

However, you need not worry as thanks to technological advancements; you can now get an ESA letter online easily.

How to get a Real ESA letter online


You can get your ESA letter effortlessly while sitting back and relaxing at home. Since many online websites are offering ESA letter certifications, you must opt for a verified source online as you don’t want to end up on a scam website that has nothing more to offer than a fake ESA letter.

It is always best to stick to a website that has licensed mental health professionals who follow each law regarding emotional support animals and assure you about the rules and regulations being followed. With the online process, it is crucial that the website you choose is authentic and has positive responses from people as you would be submitting your private information online.

Who qualifies for an emotional support animal?

Every person can suffer from different mental health conditions; therefore, certain conditions meet the requirements of having an emotional support animal while others give preference to medication over a pet.

Following are some of the mental disorders that can qualify you for having an emotional support animal:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Gender Identity
  • Autism
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Depression
  • Cognitive disorder
  • Learning Disorders
  • Bipolar
  • Severe anxiety

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned mental health illnesses or anxiety, stress, and depression, then an emotional support animal will be the perfect companion for you, and hence you would qualify for it.

What should my ESA letter contain?

An authentic and verified ESA letter should have the following features:

  • Your name
  • A brief description of your mental health condition
  • Should be written on the letterhead of the mental health professional
  • Name of the licensed mental health professional
  • The license number of the mental health professional
  • Signature of the therapist
  • Date of ESA letter issuance

Real ESA Letters vs. Fake ESA letters

Although it is quite easy to get a Real ESA letter with so many different websites, there is a mighty chance that not all of the ESA letters that are being offered are genuine and authentic. Certain factors can help you in easily spotting companies offering fake ESA letters.

  1. You should not settle for a particular company just because it is offering ESA letters at a lower cost. With a lower cost being offered, there is a fair chance that the letter is fake and hence your money would be wasted. Low-cost ESA letters are not sensible since the letter needs to be written and approved by a licensed mental health professional that is highly experienced and well trained.
  2. Emotional support animals require no registration, so sites offering such procedures are a red flag. You only need to have a Real ESA letter from your therapist, any websites offering to register your pet are most likely scams. Real ESA Letter has to come from a licensed mental health professional.
  3. An ESA letter being offered instantly may not be legitimate as the procedure of getting the ESA letter written by a licensed therapist takes time. Websites offering instant ESA letter might just be providing you with fake signatures on ESA letter mills.
  4. Make sure you talk to someone before purchasing any such product. A customer care help line or customer support call. Make sure to have any sort of correspondence before making such purchase online.


Your mental health should always be your first and foremost priority, and what could be better than heading on to the path of recovery with little medication and more fluffy companionship? An emotional support animal would be your perfect mood lifter and emotional companion. With an authentic ESA letter, you would be free to take your fluffy friend anywhere you want without any restriction.

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