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Mental disabilities like anxiety, stress, and depression can be quite difficult to tackle. Since the person is surrounded by loneliness and negative thoughts, a lot of effort needs to be put in to bring them out of that situation.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and resourceful researches, the cure to mental disabilities is not bounded to medications only. Mental health problems are now recognized as a real issue, and a lot of research has been done in the area.

Among the many cures, emotional support animals have been one of the most widely acknowledged. Formerly, animals were just considered to be a good pet or friendly companion. Now, it has been recognized that they can do more than just fetching a ball or doing adorable things.

Service animals like dogs are properly trained to perform specifically for their owners. This is linked to the disability of the owner of the animal. For example, a blind person would need someone to help them move around; therefore, their animal is trained accordingly. The person is then able to cross the road with the guidance and assistance of their service animal.

Just like service animals help in overcoming physical disabilities, emotional support animals help in improving the emotional health of the person, as the name suggests.

The role of an Emotional Support Animal

Everyone knows how animals can be love at first sight with their furry tails and cute little paws. People suffering from mental issues need more than just a companion. They need someone to lift their mood when they are feeling low and someone who would take care of them regardless of anything. Well, this is what exactly an emotional support animal does.

In times of anxiety, the person is likely to feel unproductive and gets them wondering about their purpose in life. Emotional support animals automatically inculcate a sense of responsibility in their owners. The animal is dependent on his owner for necessities like food. Also, if you have a dog, he would urge you to take him on a walk.

In this way, the animals greatly help the person in escaping from the times of gloom and get involved in something which rejuvenates their energy. It can vary from playing a fetch game with your pet or taking them out on a walk in the park.

Doctors have now highly started to recommend a furry friend to their patients who have different mental conditions. The emotional support animal provides comfort in different health issues like:

  • Medium to severe anxiety
  • Social shyness
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Different fears, e.g., fear of flying
  • Stress
  • Depression

Emotional support animals are the easiest and ultimate source of lifting your mood. If someone you know, whether it is a friend or family member, is suffering from any of the above-mentioned mental health issues, then you should recommend them to get a furry partner.








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