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The history of the special bond shared by an animal and a human date backs to as long as humans have been known to exist. The companionship and loyalty of pets remove tons of negativity from our lives that exist in forms of depression, stress, and loneliness.

The pets are divided into different categories where each pet has a distinct purpose of serving. Pets are not only a friend to us but can also be our emotional assistants and helper. The following are some of the most commonly known types of pets:

Domestic Animals

Cats, dogs, birds, and other pets come under the category of domestic animals where they live with us like a family member. The protection provided by these animals had a great influence on human evolution in former times.

Captive Animals

You would have seen captivated animals in zoos or a local animal theme park. Most of the captive animals are of rare breeds, so they are kept as captives to be well protected from extinction.

Service animals

Service animals, as the name suggests, perform a special service for their owners. These are more than just ordinary pets as a trained service dog can help his visually impaired owner to cross the road.

Emotional Support Animals

Psychologists recommend emotional support animals to people who are suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, etc.

What are Emotional Support Animals?

Anxiety, depression, and stress have now been recognized as serious health issues as they have a great impact on the mental state of a person. Emotional support animals give more than “love” to their owners. With their playful and joyous nature, they greatly help in combatting these common mental illnesses. They lift the emotions of their owners positively and greatly decrease the negative effects that anxiety or stress had on their minds.

Having an emotional support animal means that you won’t be coming home from work to a deserted place, but instead, you would be welcomed by your loving emotional support animal.

Which emotional support animal is the best?

Different types of animals like monkeys, cats, rabbits, birds, or horses can be kept as emotional support animals. It is highly recommended to take advice from your therapist as he can choose the right ESA for you after analyzing your condition.

However, dogs can undoubtedly be the best emotional support animal for most people. Although dogs are known as a great loyal companion, what is unknown is that besides being loyal, they are also a very good emotional support companion.

Dogs as domestic pets

When you would ask someone about which pet, they have at home, the most common answer you would get will be a dog. According to scientists, dogs give back the love their owners give them. This is because they release ‘oxytocin,’ which is a love hormone when they interact with humans. Dogs are incredibly loyal, and this can be seen with the unconditional love they shower upon their owners. Looking on the practical side, not only dogs protect your loved ones but also your home. You don’t have to worry about invaders intruding your home as the chances decrease greatly when a dog is in the house. They alert the owners about any suspicious activity by barking. If you are a lazy person, then your dog ensures that your habit of staying in bed all day doesn’t continue. Dogs need exercise, which means that someone has to take them out for a walk. Taking your dog out on a walk not only reduces your stress but also, according to researches, decreases the chance of heart disease by eight percent.

Everyone acknowledges the purpose served by dogs as domestic pets, but not everyone knows about how well dogs perform as emotional support animals.

Dogs as emotional support animals

Therapists usually recommend a furry companion as an emotional support animal. So, what can be better than a fluffy German shepherd or a cute and cuddly chihuahua?

The bond between humans and dogs is undeniably strong, and it doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. Dogs have been declared the “best friend of a man” for a reason. All other emotional support animals like cats or birds make a good mood lifter, but the loyalty and companionship of a dog are unrivalled. Whether it is running around the house with you or going on a walk in the park, dog ensures that you are never left lonely at any hour of the day.

Who doesn’t love a nice, warm hug when you are tired? Dogs are great at hugs as they love snuggling up with their owners. Regardless of the breed, all dogs love to curl in the laps of their owner after a long day playing around the house.

Loneliness is one of the most common conditions experienced during any mental illness. This can keep you bounded in bed and reduce your activity as you do not feel productive. However, with a dog, you will never have a sense of loneliness as they always count upon you for a play or fetch game. They ensure that their owner is never left alone in any corner of the house, but instead, they put up their soft, little paw on your hand for comfort.

Your approach towards life also changes completely as there is a whole living being dependent upon you. The dog relying upon you for food, exercise, and play gives the person a sense of responsibility and gets them around the idea that they have a purpose of serving. This purpose pushes them to get out of bed each morning as your dog urges you to take it on a walk. This is in contrast to the previous situation, where you would not have any idea about how you are going to spend the day, and this depressing thought confined you to your bed.

Speaking of loyalty, it will not be wrong to say that loyalty runs in the blood of dogs by default. If taken care of and kept close, your dog will prove it to you how it is dominant over other emotional support animals in terms of loyalty. The unconditional love and loyalty mean that you would never be left with the thought that you are alone.

Best dog breeds for emotional support animals

There is a vast number of dog breeds ranging from Spaniels to Pomeranians, and poodles to German shepherds. The following list covers some of the best dog breeds for emotional support animals that you can keep at home.


Looking for the best therapy emotional support animal? Well, your search is finally over with this affectionate and even-tempered animal. They are greatly known for their friendly attitude towards the owner and are highly obedient.


Poodles are known to have a longer life than the normal life span of a dog. It is a great dog to keep if you want to develop a sense of responsibility and want to stay engaged in something throughout the day. This is because poodles are a high maintenance emotional support animal, which means that they require regular grooming.


You can easily identify a beagle with its small floppy ears and soft, pure fur. They are undeniably cute, and although they are small, these little furballs of joy are active and make sure that their owner stays active too.


Pomeranian is a good dog breed for older people as they don’t require a whole lot of exercise. They work as a great companion and although they don’t need much exercise, they lots of love from their owner.


With their big round puppy eyes, pugs are love at first sight for their owners. Pug is an energetic, emotional support animal with an instinct to lift the mood of their owners with their joyful nature.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are one of the most commonly known dog breeds. Even people who don’t have much knowledge of dog breeds are aware of this intelligent pet. They are very easy to train and being smart; they can be trained to serve a different purpose, which is what makes them a great emotional support animal.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever ranks top, not only in the list of most popular dog breeds but also the best emotional support animals. They are social and love to hang out with their owners around the house. Their comforting natures make them a great companion for their owners.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier breed has been known to reduce the symptoms of common mental issues like depression visibly.  They make a great breed due to their loyal and caring nature, where they tend to form a strong bond with their owners. They are the perfect dog to be kept in a house as they take up little space.

If you have been in search of the perfect emotional support, then this article has got it all covered for you. You can get the dog breed, which suits your mood and nature. By getting a dog as a companion, you are signing up for a joyous, recovery ride where your pet dog would ensure that you are never left alone with the thoughts of depression.



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